How to Recover WAV File?

Have you lost your WAV file due to some issue and are you in search of WAV file recovery software? If yes, don’t panic!! Because, your search for WAV file recovery has taken you to the perfect place. Here you will get the efficient software to restore WAV files within short duration of time that makes you feel comfortable when you have lost or deleted a WAV file.

Most of the people know that WAV file is an audio file format and everyone enjoys listening to the music. WAV (Waveform Audio File) was introduced by Microsoft. It provides the high quality of audio files and requires large space of memory space to be stored without compression. Generally, they are stored in the form of digital form which can be played on the media player applications. The extension of WAV file is .wav. If the file needs to be played repeatedly, then WAV format is the most excellent suitable one. Like several audio files, even WAV file can go missing from any storage device and feel difficult to recover WAV files.

However, let us consider a scenario where your WAV file might get deleted or lost. As per your friend’s suggestion, you will download your favorite audio file which is in WAV format and store it in your computer. But, your computer does not have antivirus installed and the downloaded audio file will be of virus. Due to that virus affected audio file, you may lose all your favorite collection songs and other important data along with it. After this situation, you might get upset and thinks that is it feasible to get back WAV files and many other data from this virus attack? Yes, it is possible by using Mp3 Recovery Software which helps you to retrieve WAV files and also to get back missing songs from iPod.   

General scenarios that have a tendency to lose or delete the WAV files from the computer:

  • Third Party Utilities: There are many applications existing in the market using which the user can alter the WAV file. By using these defective applications, the user tries to split the WAV file into multiple parts which may lead to loss of WAV files.
  • Improper WAV File Transfer: Files must be transferred properly to any storage devices. If there is any interruptions like abrupt power surge while transferring the WAV file from computer to external drive or vice versa will make you lose WAV file.  
  • Unintentional Deletion of WAV File: To free up the space on the computer, user will select unwanted files and folders to delete. Sometimes, while deleting these unwanted files unintentionally the WAV file will also be deleted along with them. This may lead to deletion of WAV files.  

Whatever might be the scenario for the loss or deletion of WAV files, you don’t have to worry. Because, you can use Mp3 Recovery Software to restore WAV file in few minutes.

Salient Features of Mp3 Recovery Software:

The Mp3 Recovery Software is the best software which helps you to recover WAV files effortlessly along with other file formats present in your computer and other external storage devices. This software has an advanced feature option that helps to restore WAV file that is lost or deleted from the computer. By using Mp3 Recovery application, you can even retrieve videos, photos, music and other data from the source drive. Apart from this, you can use this software to recover files from popular storage devices like USB, memory sticks, FireWire and many more. You can also retrieve Mp3 files from memory card like CF, SD, XD, etc.  

Steps to perform WAV file recovery:

Step 1: Download and Install MP3 file recovery software on your computer. Launch the application and click on “Recover Photos” from main window to recover WAV file.

Recover WAV File  - Main Window

Figure 1 : Home Screen

Step 2: As soon as you are done with it, you can click on either “Recover Deleted Photos” or "Recover Lost Photos "in order to recover WAV file.

Recover WAV File  - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Figure 2 : Select Recovery Mode

Step 3: After that, select the drive from where you have to recover lost or deleted WAV file. Click on “Next” button in order to initiate the recovery procedure.

Recover WAV File  - Drive Selection Window

Figure 3 : Select Drive

Step 4: After the completion of recovery process, you can preview recovered files.

Recover WAV File  - Previewing Window

Figure 4 : File Previewing Window


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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
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