How to Recover Raw MP4?

Have you ever met with a condition when due to some known or unknown reasons you lost important Raw MP4 video from the system? In such situation, you are wondering how to recover raw MP4 files? Do not get disappointed! You are at right page, here is the best tool named as MP3 recovery tool which helps you to recover raw MP4 video in an effective way. If you want to know more about how to recover raw MP4 files then read this article and get the appropriate way to retrieve raw MP4 files.

A raw file is a collection of different data such as images, videos, etc. which is not yet processed. Raw files are those files which has not been compressed or altered by any mean. Raw files are larges in size and provide high quality images or videos. It is unplayable on Digital camera or camcorder. In order to make them playable, you need to convert in another form. But problem will arises when you accidentally delete important Raw MP4 file from the system. Do not worry! MP3 recovery tool is one of the most powerful tools which are fully loaded with advanced features to restore raw MP4 with utmost ease. It also assists you to recover deleted audio files in an effective way.

Common reasons that lead to deletion or loss of Raw MP4:

  • Accidental deletion of raw MP4 file from recycle bin by using “Shift + Delete “button while trying to empty the recycle bin.
  • Abrupt shut down of system while playing the raw MP4 file might be one of the major reasons for deletion or loss of raw MP4 file from the system.
  • Raw MP4 video may get deleted from the system while running the antivirus application on it. Sometimes MP4 video files may get corrupted due to virus attack which may result in loss of important raw MP4 files.
  • Unintentional format of storage media device or partition which contains raw MP4 files may result in permanent deletion of important raw MP4 files.

Apart from above mentioned scenarios, there are other reasons such as interruption during raw MP4 files from one system to another, sudden power surge while raw MP4 file is open, etc. may lead to the deletion of precious raw MP4 videos. In such cases, you need some powerful tool in order to perform raw MP4 recovery. There are various tools available on internet which helps you to solve such kind of issues. MP3 Recovery tool is among the best tool which is highly recommended by professionals to retrieve raw MP4 files in short span of time. This effective program also facilitates you to recover iTunes songs from Trash on various versions of Mac OS machines. To know more in detail about iTunes songs recovery from Trash, visit:

Prominent features of MP3 Recovery Tool:

  • It is compatible with different version of Mac and Windows Operating System.
  • This software can easily restore raw MP4 from different portable media devices such as USB Drives, Hard drives, flash memory card and so on.
  • It has strong scanning algorithms which helps you to recover raw MP4 within couple of minutes.
  • It can instantly retrieve more than 300 different file types with utmost ease.
  • With the use of this effective tool, you can easily recover deleted files or folders from the recycle bin.
  • You can also use this effective software in order to recover M4A files in few mouse clicks. If you want to know more about how to recover M4A files then, visit this link:
  • It provides preview option which enhances the overall quality of this tool. You can easily view the recovered raw MP4 files prior to saving.

Simple steps to restore Raw MP4:

Step 1: Download and install the free demo version of the MP3 file recovery software in your system. Click on the “Recover Photos” option as shown in Fig 1 to perform raw MP4 recovery.

Recover Raw MP4 - Welcome Screen

Figure 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2: In the next window, you can see two options like “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover Lost Photos”. Click any of the options as shown in Fig 2

tRecover Raw MP4 - Select Appropriate Recovery Mode

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Recovery Mode

Step 3: Select the drive properly based on where you stored your raw MP4 file as shown in Fig 3 . Then it will scan the hard drive to find and get back raw MP4 files. Once it is done, it will show all the recovered files.

Recover Raw MP4 - Select Drive

Figure 3 : Select Drive.

Step 4: Here you can view the files in two modes. One is "Data View" and the other one is "File Type view" as in Fig 4

Recover Raw MP4 - Preview Recovered M4A Files

Figure 4 : Preview Option

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