Music Files Recovery from SSD

Solid state drives are commonly called as SSDs. It is a medium for data storage which uses solid state memory to store data. The SSD are renowned for their features like high speed of performance, portability and reliability. It resembles hard disk drive but not exactly the same. It lacks mechanical parts and has numerical advantages over HDD like high data transfer rate, safety, less power consumption, random access time etc. Rather than these features it can tolerate high temperature, less noise and less affected by vibration, shock, magnetic fields etc.

Regular back up of the data in the SSDs are advisable as it is a common issue that the data like music files, videos, documents etc are lost from these devices regularly. Most valuable and evergreen music files are lost even without a warning message. Music files are lost from the SSD due to various reasons. Some of the main loss scenarios are listed below:

File System Corruption: Music files present in the SSD can be lost due to file system corruption which leads to inaccessibility of the device. The main reason for this type of corruption is virus attack.

Human Errors: Music files present in the SSD are frequently lost due to accidental deletion of the files or due to formatting of the device by the users. Most valuable music files are sometimes lost while deleting the unwanted files in the drive. Thus careless use of the drive is a common reason for loss of music files.

Operating System Failure: Operating system crash due to registry error or software malfunction also lead to loss of music files and other data from solid state drives.

Power Failure: Unexpected power failure, power surge, system shut down etc during data transfer from SSD to computer or vice versa can result in loss of music files from SSD.

How to retrieve music files from SSD? MP3 Recovery Tool is efficient remedial software to retrieve music files from SSD. The utility is efficient in its recovery operation that it can recover the music files from SSD, even from the toughest case of corruption. Salient features of the application are:.

  • It is one of the quickest recovery applications that can retrieve music files from SSD within few minutes. It is capable enough to recover deleted music files from Laptop's hard drive or any other external USB drive
  • The application is compatible to recover lost music files from Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and other editions of Windows as well as Mac OS's
  • The utility has the capability to restore music files from either from formatted partition or lost partition of the disk.
  • Ability to sort the recovered data on the basis of name, date, size and format of the file.
  • The application allows the user to resume the scanning process from a particular location of the drive using the “Save Recovery session” feature.
  • The utility is familiar in recovering music files from memory cards, pen drives, external hard disks and various other data storage devices.

Steps to recover lost or deleted music files from SSD:

Step 1: Download and Install the Demo version of software. Once it gets installed in your system, click on the desktop icon in order to launch it. As soon as the software gets launched, a new window will appear from where you to have click on suitable option recover your lost music files. As showing in Fig 1

Figure 1 : Welcome Screen

Step 2: Immediately after this, you need to select any one recovery mode option between the two, as per your requirement from second screen as in Fig 2

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Media File Recovery Mode

Step 3: Once you are done with it, you have to select the drive from where you have lost your Music files. After selecting the drive, click on the “Next” button in order to begin the recovery. As in Fig 3

Figure 3 : Select Drive.

Step 4: Once the recovery process gets complete, last screen will appear where you need to click on Preview option in order to preview the list of recovered Music files. As in Fig 4

Figure 4 : Preview Recovered Music Files