How to recover music from MP3 player???

MP3 player is a pocket sized electronic device, which has the ability to store and play music and other audio files. MP3 players are popular since they are portable and can store thousands of music files, which they can be carried anywhere with you. iPod Shuffle, iPod Mini, iPod Nano, Creative ZEN, Microsoft Zune, Toshiba Gigabeat, etc are well known MP3 players available in todays market. However some unpleasant things may happen while using MP3 players. For an instance files will be lost if there is any unintended format by mistake or MP3 files are deleted by human faults. Consider a scenario when you connect an MP3 player to computer for transferring files, it will show you various options to scan, format, rename etc. You go for scanning MP3 player on the PC, but while selecting scan option you mistakenly click on format option and end up erasing complete data i.e. songs from MP3 player. If you are conscious & eager to know more about the recovery of songs from iPod nano then do follow this page.

Don’t get disappointed, if you act fast and don’t write anything on your MP3 player after data loss, you have greater chances to get back lose or deleted music files by using some third party recovery software. In such condition, you can use Music file recovery software to recover MP3 player files on both Windows and Mac OS. It quickly scans the MP3 player and identifies lost music files based on their unique file signatures. Music file recovery software is highly appreciated and suggested by a lot of users as the best MP3 file recovery software to bring back songs from MP3 players after unexpected data loss incident. It is an excellent utility, which supports MP3 recovery from memory card, iPod, hard drive, USB drive, FireWire drive etc.

Other than accidental formatting, here are some other scenarios that may MP3 player data loss:

  • Unintentional deletion of files: While using the MP3 music player, there are possibilities of accidentally clicking on delete button while viewing files on MP3 player. Selected music files are deleted in this case and such deleted files from MP3 music player cannot be recovered using any manual ways. You can go through the expert's guidelines to get back deleted music from BlackBerry phone memory card. 
  • Errors during transfer of files from MP3 player: Abnormal system shutdown due to hard drive failures, sudden power surges and abruptly disconnecting MP3 player during the transfer of music files between computer and MP3 player can lead to incomplete file transfer. Files either get disappear or partially transferred files get corrupted giving rise to loss of data from MP3 player.
  • Virus/malware infections: Dangerous virus/malware/spyware attacks MP3 music player when connected to the virus infected computer and corrupts its file system. You may get error messages like “Failed to locate file types”, “missing files”, “format it now” and others when you try to play songs in MP3 player.
  • Other Issues: Freezing of MP3 player due to firmware corruption, synchronization errors while MP3 player is trying to sync with any third party software, transferring music files when MP3 player is low on battery and other such problems might lead to loss of data.

Useful Tips:

To have better chances of data recovery from MP3 player, do not save any new files to the MP3 player from where you have deleted or lost music files. If you do, then the the lost files get overwritten by the new files thereby reducing the chances of file recovery from MP3 player. Hence to get back music files in a healthy condition, it is advised not to use MP3 music player for saving new files.

Benefits of using music file recovery software

This powerful music file recovery software can restore popular audio/music file formats such as MP3, MP4, WAV, MIDI, M4b, M4A, AIFF, AIF, AIFC, RA and AMR from MP3 players. This music file recovery utility uses inbuilt algorithms to scan the hard disk of the MP3 player sector by sector and restores deleted or lost music files even after formatting, corruption, etc. This music file recovery software comes handy with an interactive graphical interface that will provide step by step instructions to complete MP3 player data recovery without having any technical knowledge. It will display all recovered files from the MP3 player after recovery process and you can preview any desired music file just by right clicking on it. Hence by using demo version of the music file recovery tool, you can review its features and analyze its performance.

You can also do music file recovery from iPod Shuffle after third party software conflicts because of hardware or software issues. With the help of this tool, it is also possible to retrieve data from iPod Mini, iPod Nano and iPod Classic. In addition to music files, it can also get back photos and videos lost/deleted from iPods and memory cards on Windows 7, XP, Vista, Windows 2003 and 2008 operating systems. This tool can recover MP3 files from Micro SDHC card used in mobile, digital camera and camcorders. Recovering media files i.e. pictures, videos and songs from hard drives, external USB drives, FireWire Drives and USB drives is possible by using music file recovery software. This tool works well on Windows 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems. You will be able to unerase data from MP3 music player on Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lions machines through this music file recovery utility. You can use this utility to restore MP3 files after transfer from USB drive to computer as a result of errors/interruptions.

Restore music files from MP3 player in four simple steps:

Step 1: Download and Install free version of our music file recovery software to your local computer. Double click on the desktop icon in order to launch the software. Once the software gets launched, click on “Recover Photos” from main window

MP3 Player Data Recovery - Main Window

Figure 1 : Home Screen

Step 2: As soon as you are done with it, you need to click on “Recover Lost Photos” in order to recover your lost files from MP3 music player.

MP3 Player Data Recovery - Recovery Mode Selection Window

Figure 2 : Select Recovery Mode

Step 3: After that, select your affected MP3 player as logical drive from where you have lost the music files. Click on “Next” button in order to commence the recovery process.

MP3 Player Data Recovery - Drive Selection Window

Figure 3 : Select Drive From Where You Need To Recover Data

Step 4: At last, you can preview your recovered music files in a separate window by using Preview button.

MP3 Player Data Recovery - Previewing Window

Figure 4 : File Previewing Window


For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users