Recovery from ultra SanDisk SDXC

SDXC, abbreviated as Secure Digital Extended Capacity, is similar to other memory cards like SD, microSDHC . But in SDXC, the storage capacity and data transfer speed is more. SDXC card supports storage capacity up to 2TB (2048 GB), compared to the limit of 32GB for SDHC cards. Because of its high storage capacity, you can store all the important large files in SDXC. You can also keep the importantMP3 files for longer period including other media files. It does not mean that there is no disadvantage in SDXC, but there is. If there is any minorlogical problem in SDXC, then it leads to lossofMP3 files. Some of the MP3music files loss issues cannot be predicted, so it’s better to maintain the copies of music files which are very important. Suppose if you don’t have backup of MP3 files, then no need to get panic. You can get the MP3 back by making use of recovery tool. One of the best tools is MP3 recovery tool. It is the most excellent tool to recover deleted or lost MP3 songs from ultra-SanDisk SDXC card.You can also recover deleted mp3 files from your flash drive also.To know more information, check this link

Reasons for the deletion/loss of MP3 files

Accidentally formatting the SDXC card: Sometimes, when SDXC card is connected to the system, a pop up error message will be displayed on the screen, asking if the user wants to format the card or not. If you select “Yes”, then the cards get formatted, which targets to a loss of file. Suppose if you click on “No” option, then the files cannot be accessed resulting in loss of MP3 files

Deletion of MP3 files: Sometimes instead of deleting unwanted songs, you may delete the required song. If it is in Recycle Bin, then you can restore it back. But if you have emptied the recycle bin, then it results in loss of MP3 files.

Abruptly removal of memory card: If you accidentally remove the SDXC card, when the data transferring process is going on, then it leads to a loss of files. You may encounter interruptions like power failure, low battery (in laptop) etc. You should always use “Safely Remove Hardware” option for the safe removal of memory card.

Due to virus attack: SDXC card is a removable device, which can get virus easily. If it is connected to the virus infected PC, then SDXC card can get easily affected. If any file gets infected, then it affects the other files including MP3 files. This results in loss of MP3 files.

The best solution is MP3 recovery tool that can easily perform MP3 recovery from ultra-SanDisk SDXC card.

Features of MP3 recovery tool

  • It is the best and advanced tool to recover lost MP3 files.
  • It has user friendly interface which does not require any technical knowledge for the user to use this tool.
  • Recover MP3 files deleted during transfer from SDXC card.
  • It has inbuilt algorithm which has the ability to recover different types of audio and video files such as MP4, AIFF, MVR, WAV, MIDI etc. along with MP3 files.
  • It retrieves the MP3 files easily from accidentally formatted or reformatted SDXC cards and other SD Cards
  • Supports both Mac and Windows Operating System. It also supports Windows 7 Recycle Bin recovery in a efficient manner

Steps to perform recovery from ultra SanDisk SDXC

Step1: Download and install the demo version of MP3 Recovery Software. Once it is launched, a new window will be displayed on screen with three options.

Recover Deleted MP3 Files from Flash Drive  - Welcome Screen

Figure 1 : Welcome Screen

Step2: Select “Recover Photos” option to recover MP3 files. Again the next window will display two options “Recover Deleted Photos” and “Recover Lost Photos”. Select the applicable option.

Recover Deleted MP3 Files from Flash Drive  - Select Appropriate Media File Recovery Mode

Figure 2 : Select Appropriate Media File Recovery Mode

Step3: Choose the SDXC card from where you want to recover the MP3 file. After the completion of the recovery process, you can view the recovered MP3 files.

Recover Deleted MP3 Files from Flash Drive - Preview Recovered Music Files

Figure 3 : Preview Files.

Note: “Preview” option is available to preview the MP3 file. If you are pleased with the recovered file, then you can save the recovered MP3 file only after buying the original software.

Safety Measures to be taken

  • Always take a backup of MP3 files, before formatting the SDXC card.
  • Don’t use Shift+Delete Option until it is necessary.
  • Install best anti-virus software, to keep music files virus free.

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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