MP3 recovery from iPod Mac

As you all know that technology had made your lives luxurious So, here comes one of the entertaining factor called “iPod”. IPod is a line of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc and initially used by millions of users for saving favorite music tracks. There are four current versions of the iPod the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle, the compact iPod Nano, the touch screen iPod touch, and the hard drive-based iPod classic. Like other digital music players, iPods can serve as external storage devices. IPod is the best thing to deal with as it stores songs, videos and photo slideshows in your hand. You can tune to your beloved songs, where most of songs on iPod will be in MP3 file format. IPods come with very large battery backup to avoid frequent charging of the device. For synchronizing the content of the iPod or to update the software, you just need to connect the device to the system and let iTunes media player take cares of the rest. Due to various reasons you may come across with errors on iPod during the synchronization process, due to which the MP3 files on iPod will be lost and to recover mp3 from iPod Mac.

To make you don’t encounter scenarios similar to the one mentioned above, go through the following reasons where there are chances of losing MP3 files from iPod Mac:

  • You may accidentally remove your iPod during synchronization process, which may lead to loss of MP3 files that were getting synchronized.
  • You may unintentionally delete entire folder containing MP3 files while trying to remove a single file.
  • Formatting the iPod instead of formatting volumes on Mac system wipes out entire MP3 files from iPod.
  • Restoring iPod to its factory settings to overcome iPod freezing or hanging problems will erase entire data from iPod storage space which also includes MP3 files.

    Enjoying music on iPod lets you experience ultimate sound quality. However it feels bad if any interruption mentioned above makes you stop enjoying your favorite MP3 songs on iPod.

    Don’t get upset! Because it’s not the permanent loss of MP3 files from iPod. Deleted or lost MP3 file still remains intact on iPod memory space until their space is overwritten on iPod with new data. You can recover MP3 songs on iPod using MP3 Recovery tool which is the best way to recover MP3 from iPod Mac. Mp3 Recovery tool is the well-known tool to retrieve MP3 from iPod Mac that were lost / deleted due to any reason mentioned above. It is built with powerful scanning algorithm to scan and get back MP3 files from iPod Mac in short duration. You can preview retrieved MP3 from iPod Mac before restoring. This software also supports mp3 recovery from SD cards, XD cards, CF cards, memory sticks and USB flash drives.

    Following are the steps to recover MP3 from iPod Mac:

    Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the MP3 recovery tool. After installation launch the products using the shortcut provided on the desktop. As soon as the software gets launched, a new Window will appear where you have to click on the “Recover photos” option.  

    Recover MP3 from iPod Mac - Main Window

    Figure 1 : Home Screen

    Step 2: Immediately after this, select the option among the “Recover Deleted Photos” or “Recover lost photos” to retrieve MP3 from iPod Mac.

    Recover MP3 from iPod Mac - Recovery Mode Selection Window

    Figure 2 : Select Recovery Mode

    Now, in the next window “Select the Volume” representing your iPod.

    Restore MP3 from iPod Mac - Choose Volume

    Figure 3 : Choose Volume

    Step 4: The tool will then carryout the Scanning process.

    Retrieve MP3 from iPod Mac - Scanning Process

    Figure 4 : Scanning Process

    Step 5: As, soon as the recovery process gets completed, you can “Preview” the list of restored MP3 files from iPod and at last save the MP3 music files to the respective destination location available on Mac.

    Recover MP3 from iPod Mac - Recovered files

    Figure 5 : Recovered files

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